The Story Of Bourbon And Rye

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Posted on October 22 2017

The Story Of Bourbon And Rye

First I wanted to tell you a little bit about me..... I have always been passionate about design and fashion! I knew from a young age that one day I would own my own shop. When I was 20, I started a jewelry line Beloved Sparrow and loved creating custom pieces for my customers, but I had a much bigger dream to fulfill. I met my husband in 2007, and we would daydream together about what our store would look like one day and after having two kids and being pregnant with our 3rd, I decided it was now or never! So in March 2016 at seven months pregnant we began working on opening our first location for Bourbon And Rye and one month before our baby was born we had the Grand Opening, and my dreams came to life! So let's back it up a bit to what this place looked like.... This was a dream of mine, and my husband was very supportive, but this leap of faith was on me. I needed to make it work, and I wanted to pay for it on my own so let's just say the budget was less than glamorous... I opened a couple of credit cards and found an old run down building with a dirty old 380 sq foot vape shop that was in serious need of some TLC BUT it was PERFECT! I was opening up shop in a small town and was nervous about how they would like us. Was I the only one that thought I had good taste in fashion and design or would other people think so too? Well..... They loved us, and we loved Fairview! We stayed at that location for a year, but we knew if we wanted to grow it was time for the next leap of faith... Time to move to a more prominent location in a better part of town.

Since then we've moved to a different location and couldn't be happier! We love working with local artisans as much as possible and bringing our customer's unique locally made items. Home design is one of my biggest passions, and I'm so happy to be able to bring that into Bourbon And Rye and offer home decor to you and help you bring your space to life!

I hope that I can empower people to dress the way they want at a price they can afford and decorate just like Joanna!


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